Getting a Great Deal on an Investment Property

One of the most important factors in ensuring that you receive an excellent return on your house flipping investment is finding the perfect property at the perfect price. The most successful house flippers are masters at finding properties with excellent potential that are undervalued at the time that they purchase them. Beyond all the basic principles like choosing a property in a desirable area that’s in demand, these tips will help you get a great deal on your next investment property, giving you a head start on building a strong ROI.

  1. Research, research, researchThe most important step in getting a great deal on an investment property is doing your research. Find out what other homes in the area have sold for over the last year, what the local school district is like, what businesses and amenities are nearby, and also pay careful attention to the specific attributes of the house itself. Look into market trends and find out what types of homes are selling in your chosen area. It may be that you need to expand your search parameters in order to find something that will give you the most bang for your buck.Sifting through foreclosed properties, short sales, auctions sites, and more will give you a significant advantage when it comes to paying the right price for the right property. The team at Zinc Financial can also help guide your research and provide expert advice before you settle on a property.
  2. Get ready to negotiateWhen purchasing a foreclosed property in particular, you’re going to have to be prepared to work hard to get the price that you want and that the banks and possibly the courts will agree to. This is another area in which having all of your research in order will work to your benefit. The more information you have going into your purchasing negotiations, the better prepared you will be to justify your asking price.
  3. Find a private money lender that works for youBeyond the purchase price and the expected cost of repairs for your investment property, the terms of your private money loan will play an important role in your final ROI. When you choose to work with Zinc Financial, you’ll get the money that you need quickly and at a reasonable rate. The more you work with us, the better terms we can offer you. Call (559) 326-2509 today to learn more about the private money loans available through our company and the benefits of partnering with our company during your next investment.