Find Out if a Property is Worth Your Investment With Our Deal Analyzer

The house flipping industry has a number of nuances that experienced investors take into consideration when deciding whether a purchase is worth their while. Such considerations as trends in the nation’s overall economy, the sentiment of homebuyers in the local area, and even gut feelings are important factors that play into an investment decision. But before any of these deeper considerations should even be thought of, it takes some basic calculations to determine whether a home purchases has even the possibility of being worthwhile.

With the ZINC Financial Deal Analyzer you can take the first and simplest step toward determining whether a home that you’re interested in is worth the investment. By entering a few basic numbers into our spreadsheet and hitting “Calculate,” you’ll be able to come up with a sense of how profitable your purchase could end up being or alternatively, whether you might lose money on the deal.

Of course, there are no certainties when it comes to the housing market and investments of every type have risk, but with our Deal Analyzer, you’ll be able to gain a strong understanding of the benefits and risks of the deal you’re considering. Our most experienced customers use this tool on a regular basis as their first major checkpoint when considering a home purchase. With this basic information in hand, you’ll be able to either start your search over or move forward with a strong sense of the possibilities ahead.

To use the Deal Analyzer you’ll need such information as the address of the property in question, the purchase price of the home, estimated rehab costs, the after repair value, and the estimated hold time. With this information and some details regarding expected loan rates and applicable fees, you’ll be able to create a clear picture of the potential profitability of your purchase. From there, one of our experienced private money loan officers will be able to work with you to help you navigate the finer points of your purchasing process.

Of course, the team at ZINC Financial is ready and available to answer any questions you might have throughout your investment process. Contact us today to learn more about our rehab loans or any of our free online tools.