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    To request a payoff for a loan with ZINC Financial, complete the form below.

    A $30 demand fee will be added to the loan balance for each payoff demand or update request. The standard processing time of 7 business days applies to all requests. For rush priority of 2 business days, there is an additional $75 fee.

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    Standard Processing - 7 business days, $30.00 feeRush Processing - 2 business days, $105 fee

    I consent to the above charge for this payoff request and understand the charge will be added to my loan balance and due immediately.

    Special Instructions
    I understand that within 30 days of receipt of payoff proceeds, ZINC will prepare and mail a full reconveyance to the borrower. It is the borrower’s responsibility to record the reconveyance. Please collect recording costs & fees for reconveyance at closing. Please select “confirmed” that you accept this process.*