Introducing ZINC’s New Velocity Program

Here at ZINC Financial, we’ve always found that treating our clients like partners leads to greater success for everyone. The people we work with are people who we trust, and those same people trust us time and time again with their property investments. Over the years, we’ve developed lasting business relationships with investors working throughout the states of California, leading to unheard of ROIs in the fix and flip market.

Now, we’re helping our most trusted clients take their investments even further with the new Velocity Loan Program. With a Velocity Loan, returning clients of ZINC Financial can receive new house flipping loans at an interest rate of just 10% with only 2 points.

These loans are available to experienced house flippers who have completed two or more fix and flip loans with ZINC. These loans are also specifically meant for clients who have a track record of flipping homes efficiently – within four to six months.

In other words, if you’ve built a strong property investment business with help from ZINC Financial, we want to help you make your business even more profitable.

With Velocity residential rehab loans, investors can better leverage their assets, making them more competitive in the current marketplace. Investors can take advantage of LTVs as high as 85% of the purchase price and can also fund up to 70% of their rehab costs with Velocity funding. Like all of ZINC Financial’s property loans, Velocity Loans can be closed in as little as seven business days and are available for amounts up to $750,000.

Our President, Todd Pigott recently commented, “We’re excited about the Velocity Loan Program, because it gives investors who really know their business access to the best possible funding. At ZINC, we’re always looking for ways to reward clients who do the hard work required to succeed in this business. We think the Velocity Program achieves that goal.”

Investors who haven’t yet completed two loans with ZINC Financial are encouraged to explore our various other loan options for novice house flippers and experienced flippers who are new to ZINC. We offer some of the best rates in the industry and routinely fund loans faster than the competition, giving investors the leverage they need in order to compete. Call today (559) 326-2509 to learn more.