Take Full Advantage of the Booming California Real Estate Market

Housing prices in the state of California are continuing to rise. From Southern California all the way up to the Bay Area, housing prices have gone up significantly month-to-month and year-over-year throughout the state. According to the Los Angeles Times, the median home price in April was up 3.5% from the previous month and nearly 23% from the same month last year. For the entire state, that equates to a median home price of $324,000, which is the highest it’s been in any month since June 2008.

Reports indicate that specific areas of California are doing even better than the state average. In the Bay Area, for example, the median home price has risen above the $500,000 mark, the highest since June 2008. Likewise, the median home price in Orange County sat at $535,000 in April. That marks a 27.4% increase over April 2012. According to information out of DataQuick, over 3,300 homes were sold in Orange County in April, marking a 13.9% increase over the previous year.

Buyer Confidence Fueling Competition

The increases across the state are only fueling buyer confidence as well as builder confidence. With the number of available homes at such a low level, builders are rushing to add to the state’s inventory and give buyers more options. In the meantime, the fight to land the best listings is as fierce as ever. Competition is coming from individual homebuyers as well as a surging market of house flippers looking for the best opportunities possible.

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