Renovate the Kitchen for Maximum ROI

Home builders and realtors are finding that the most important room in the house is not the master bedroom or the living room, but the kitchen. A recent survey of home builders has found that the average size of a new kitchen has grown to 300 square feet, a record high. Bigger kitchens are allowing people to spend more time together in this central area. In fact, other surveys have shown that families are now spending up to 90% of their waking time at home in their kitchens.

In response, homebuilders are including more amenities like appliances hidden behind cupboard doors, flat-screen TVs, and even fireplaces. Some builders are even creating a small additional kitchen to go behind the main kitchen so that people who entertain in their home have a place to hide all of the dirty dishes.

Make the Most of the Kitchen Space

If you’re planning to fix and flip homes in California, you don’t need to add a giant, overdone kitchen to every house you flip, but you do need to make the most of the space that you have if you want to attract the highest return on your investment. Updating kitchens is a very cost-effective way for house flippers to boost their ROI and bring in more offers on the home. Flippers who fail to update outmoded kitchens may sometimes lose the sale, even if the rest of the home is in tip-top shape.

The fastest and easiest way to make an outdated kitchen more modern is by updating the appliances. Adding stainless steel Energy Star appliances will drastically improve the look of any kitchen without costing a fortune. Updating flooring and countertops is another relatively low-cost way to drastically improve the look of a kitchen. If you don’t have the budget to replace outdated cabinetry, you can paint or refinish the existing cupboards and change out old handles for new ones at a very low cost. If the home is a bit more upscale, it might be worthwhile to knock out a wall or take a few feet away from an adjacent room in order to create the more spacious and luxurious kitchen that homebuyers are looking for.

Even people who don’t cook or entertain enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful kitchen. Take the time to talk to an expert at ZINC Financial to learn cost effective ways to boost your ROI with kitchen improvements. Our team can also provide you with information about our fix and flip loans and current house flipping opportunities in the California marketplace. No other company offers rehab loans as quickly and conveniently.  To learn more about our existent loan programs and terms, please call (559) 326-2509 today.