Sell Your Rehab Property Using These 3 Tips

Selling your house flipping investment property at a high ROI is the top priority of any house flipper. There are a number of factors that go into your potential ROI, and some of those are out of your control. As a house flipper, you must do our best to stay on top of current housing trends, look out for potential dips in the market, and do all the research you can to find the best properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Here are three more simple ways that you can help ensure selling your rehab property goes well.

  1. Pay attention to the little details

When it comes time to sell your property, be aware that buyers are often just as interested in the little touches and character of a home as they are in its overall value and location. Given the option between two homes in the same neighborhood, buyers are always going to choose the one that looks the best and feels the most homey.

You want the home to maintain a mass appeal, but you can still make it feel special by including little details like fresh paint, new carpet, and crown molding. Small details like new handles on the kitchen cabinets can make a huge aesthetic difference, helping increase the ROI of your investment substantially.

  1. Work with a local realtor

Even if you are licensed as a realtor, you may not be particularly in tune with the particular community or neighborhood you’re trying to sell in. Working with a realtor who knows the local market inside and out is a great way to ensure your price point is right on track from the beginning. The right realtor can also help you focus on selling points that will matter most to your potential buyers.

  1. Take advantage of big data

One of the great perks of working in the twenty-first century is that we have endless streams of data available at our fingertips. Use the data available to you to get better insights into your neighborhood, potential buyers, and the house you’re selling.

Check public records to learn more about crime statistics, the performance of nearby schools, and any other positive data that might appeal to potential customers. You can also use innovative housing apps to help you list your investment property in more places and to greater effect.

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