CTK PropertiesOur client CKT Properties has been successfully rehabbing houses in Northern California since 2008. The company is run by the dynamic father and son duo of Thomas and Kristian. When Kristian was 21, he convinced his father to become his business partner, and together the two have conquered a variety of business ventures, including two salons and a water business. Back in 2006 the pair watched fix & flip shows together and thought to themselves, “We can do that!” With the partnership of ZINC Financial as their rehab lender, Thomas and Kristian have invested in countless homes. “I don’t like being called flippers,” Kris says. “The term is too cold. It makes it sound like it’s all about the money. We are rehabbers. We strive to provide families with high quality homes that they can make memories in for years to come.”

Thomas and Kris have used rehab loans from ZINC Financial on multiple occasions, and they’ve been very pleased with the relationship. “ZINC has been one of the greatest partnerships we have ever had in business,” Kris says. “I’ll never forget the first time I called ZINC. They were very welcoming, and to this day they still make us feel like VIPs. ZINC has always followed through on their promises, and the process is always streamlined.”  Kris went on to comment that Amber Castro, VP of Business Development, “is always the same positive personality when I call to submit another property. She is very organized and professional, and she gets the job done quickly for submission. Her famous quote is always “I’m on it!” She constantly gives us updates, which is rare in any business.  She’s like finding Picasso original at a garage sale.”

Kris says that Karen Blackburn, Senior Underwriter, “is all over escrow making sure everything is completed and funded in the timeline that is given. She also updates us consistently by email or phone, she’s like a MAC computer, always efficient and will not slow down no matter what virus you throw her way.”  And when it came time to talk about the relationship the team has with Todd Pigott, President of ZINC Financial, Kris continued, “I can’t say enough about him. I can only thank him for giving us the opportunity to fund our projects as with any new client it’s always a risk. Thank you Todd for putting your faith and trust in us over the last few years and we look forward to having an awesome business relationship with you and your staff for many years to come. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for you taking a chance with us.”

Tips You’ll Want to Learn From

We asked Thomas and Kris what insights they have to share with new rehabbers. What follows is their top seven tips:

1. Research, research, research. Search to see what’s hot and what’s not!

2. Curb appeal + clean + a beautiful, spacious kitchen = SOLD!

3. Always, always, always during the design of the kitchen, try to install an island. I have been to our open houses pretending to be a buyer, and I always hear, “Look, Honey! It has an island.” There is just something about that freestanding cabinet that makes people happy. Go figure.

4. Don’t let the contractor tell you when he is going to be done. Tell the contractor when he needs to be done. Put in the contract a date of completion.

5. Put in the contract a timeline to pay. “Payment will be paid in full within 7 days of the completion of XYZ tasks.” Otherwise your contractor might start demanding installments before anything gets done.

6. Don’t pay contractors or anyone else who performs work in cash. Always pay with check or cashier’s check.

7. With all the money you make, always remember to give. Give to a charity or an organization you believe in to make a positive difference in someone’s life who is less fortunate than you are, and at the same time, inspire others to do the same.