More Americans Making the Decision to Rent

Throughout the country, more and more people are making the decision to rent. While buyer confidence is increasing and home prices are going up, there is still a significant portion of the population who are either unable to obtain a mortgage or are still worried that now is not the right time to buy. These people are helping reduce the stigma of being a renter, and even individuals who currently own homes are considering returning to renting in the future.

According to information reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of households renting in 2011 was 35.4%. That figure is up from 34.1% in 2009. In addition, the percentage of national rental vacancies dropped from 8.4% in 2009 to just 7.4% in 2011. These trends are continuing through 2013, driving savvy real estate entrepreneurs to invest in rental properties. As the Chicago Tribune notes, an increasing number of people are turning to renting because of the flexibility that it offers. Others are renting because they were financially scarred by the housing crisis.

Because of this unique climate, rental property investments are surging all across the country. By purchasing a residential property and holding it for a few years and renting the property out to tenants, investors are able to gain monthly cash flow, minimize their mortgage costs, and ultimately make exceptional ROI on their property investments.

A Special Offer for Rental Property Investors

The team at ZINC Financial is supporting rental property investing with our new Buy & Hold program. With the company’s Buy & Hold loans, clients are able to purchase investment properties throughout the state of California and hold them for a period of 48 to 60 months. The combined income from rent and property value increases is resulting in substantial ROI for the company’s clients.

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