Kitchen House Flipping Tips for Greater ROI

Kitchens are the new family rooms. Studies have shown that modern families spend more time together in the kitchen than any other room in the house. That’s why the kitchen is such an important part of any house flip. Potential buyers might be willing to overlook shortcomings in the bathroom, the closets, or even one of the bedrooms, but a subpar kitchen is out of the question. Here are a few kitchen house flipping tips to help you get the most ROI out of your next flip.

  1. Add an island

If you have the space and the means, everyone seems to go nuts for a kitchen with an island. The extra counter space and storage space is essential if you like to entertain. Plus, you can add barstools to one side of an island to create a casual eating space or make it easy to socialize while meals are being prepared.

  1. Get clever with the cabinets

Standard shelves inside cabinets aren’t enough to woo potential buyers anymore. Consider looking into more intuitive cabinet designs, such as rolling drawers for larger pots, lighting inside deep cabinets, and separate utensil racks within larger drawers. The more useful you can make the space, the more excited buyers will be about their new kitchen.

  1. Think open

Closed-in kitchens get hot, feel claustrophobic, and don’t lend themselves to social gathering. If at all possible, reframe the layout of the kitchen to make it open to the rest of the house. Knock out walls or create cutouts if you have to. Just make sure that you plan your budget accordingly. The right house flipping loans and a great contractor are essential for ensuring that your big shifts are as cost effective as possible.

  1. A bit of color goes a long way

As neutral as you’d like your house flips to be in terms of design, you simply can’t avoid making a few strong decisions in the kitchen. Our best kitchen house flipping advice is to use lighter, neutral tones overall – avoid dark wood – and incorporate a bit of color to add some interest to the kitchen. For example, you can include a beautiful tile backsplash or paint the back wall of glass cupboards.