We all love seeing a good house flip, whether it’s by one of our clients, or any magnificent and motivating before and after by other house flippers across the country.  We’ve put together a list of before and afters that will inspire and motivate you for your next house flipping project!

  1. Run to Radiance House Flip

Blogger Tania shares her family’s fourth flip in this awesome article!  The house is a ranch in the Dallas area and she goes in-depth about finances, market expectations, and shows off gorgeous before and after photos that you can preview below!

Image via https://www.runtoradiance.com.
  1. This Couple’s House Flipping Project Months Before Their Wedding

This couple was three months away from their wedding when they decided to buy a house and renovate, although they didn’t flip it for a profit, we are still very impressed by their hard work and tears at this gorgeous house flip in Charlotte, NC.

Image via https://www.housemethod.com/.
  1. This $20 Million House Flip Will Blow Your Mind

Lisa Simonsen is notorious for finding diamonds in the rough in New York City by finding fixer-uppers and turning them into million dollar sales.  This unbelievable $20 million house flip is just one of her many gorgeous New York City-based flip projects!

Image via http://www.money.com/.
  1. How This Company Turned a 1980’s Renovation to a Sleek, Modern Home

Cobblestone Development Group  based out of Virginia took a stunning 1980’s spacious house and turned it into a modern dream home.  Keeping some of the inspired aesthetic, they did a brilliant job! We loved the transformation of the fireplace but we’d have to say, we are sad they did away with the gorgeous kitchen spiral staircase.

Image via Cobblestone Development Group
  1.  This 1920 Bungalow Remodel Is Truly Exceptional

The 1920 was referenced as the “Green Hulk” by home owner Teresa Dau.  It was falling apart by every nook and cranny. However, that didn’t stop her and her wife from closing on the home and doing an extraordinary flip.  From falling apart to luxury bungalow, this is truly out of a magic hat.

Image via Gridley and Graves
  1. Check Out How Thomas Bayles Really Turned House Flipping Into a Business

31 year old Thomas Bayles has flipped over 16 decrippled houses in Los Angeles and has made millions.  Starting right out of the financial crisis, he now manages 4-6 flips at a time with his team and has about 15 contractors to now carry the heavy load.  In 2015 he made $917K off of one home alone! These are some beautiful before and afters.

Image via Asset Group.
  1. This Couple from New Jersey Flipped a Ranch for a Profit of $220K

Nick and Noel from New Jersey flipped a 1960’s style ranch for $220K.  What started out as small updates transformed in big ones and the next thing you know the house was totally remodeled into a gorgeous, provocative home.

Image via Nick Fiorentinos

     Those are just some of our favorite remodels to give you some inspiration and ideas for your next flip!  You can also check out Houzz.com for more inspirational photos and contact us today to get started with your loan for your first or next project!  We also have other similar blogs such as “7 Real Estate Platforms for House Flippers Ranked“.  If you’re interested simply fill out our form or call us at (559) 326-2509 for more information!