January Featured Investor Profile

This month, our featured investor is Christopher Wolfe, founder of Vector Holdings, LLC. Christopher has been working successfully in the banking and real estate industry since 2002. He has worked with ZINC Financial numerous times, building his portfolio and creating a booming real estate business focused in Central California. Christopher has been acquiring investment properties with ZINC funding and flipping homes for the last three years. With regular support from the team at ZINC Financial, Christopher has flipped homes in Fresno, Kern, San Luis Obispo, Pierce, and Kings County. He has also built up his rental portfolio to 25 units with an effective buy and hold strategy.

Christopher has said, “ZINC helped me get started in the fix & flip industry. They have provided me with the rehab loans I needed to really get my business moving, and they also helped me expand into the buy & hold marketplace.” He added, “When I have a lot of deals going on, ZINC is a great source for long and short term funding. They have very little red tape, which helps me keep my business moving and growing.”

We asked Christopher if he had any advice to share with our less experienced clients. He said, “The flipping industry is very multi-faceted. You have to be good at many different skill sets in order to run an efficient volume-based business.”  He went on to add that the house flipping market has changed significantly over the last year, and it will continue to change over the next.  He said, “You must always be willing to adapt and change with the housing market so that you can continue to be successful in this very competitive industry.”

A Partner with Experience

As Chris has attested, with ZINC Financial as your rehab loan lender, you can take your business further and earn more profits than you could with your own capital alone. Make the most of your investments and get the financial advice and support that you need by partnering with ZINC Financial.  To learn more about the company’s value-driven loan programs, call (559) 326-2509 and ask to speak with Amber Castro, Vice President of Business Development.  You can also reach Amber by emailing Amber.C@ZINCFinancial.net.