7 Real Estate Platforms for House Flippers Ranked!

by ZINC Financial
4 years ago

Below we listed the best online platforms out there on the market for 2019.  Whether you’re looking for a platform to list your flip, purchase a new house, trade in a house, sell within 24 hours, research interior design ideas, find a contractor, or create a business plan- it’s all here!


Zillow.com is one of the leading online platforms for real estate, whether you’re looking to buy a home, sell a home, or rent a home.  You can find real estate agents, advertise, and they have a list of calculators that will help when estimating costs for a new home. As a house-flipper this is great if you’re looking to buy a property or sell a property.

via Zillow.com


Offerpad was only started 4 years ago as a company, but their strategy is sound.  They offer to buy your home that your selling, even as a house flipper. They will give you an offer within 24 hours.  You can pick your own closing date, no showings or openings, and free local move is also included. It takes all the hassle and wait out of finding a buyer for your property.

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Knock is pretty unique, they offer trade-ins for houses.  They give you a trade-in value with how much your current house will sell for, they identify a new home and help you get pre-approved, and then purchases your new home so you can move in and prep while they put your old house on the market.  They also manage and pay for getting your home prepared for sale and settles with you at closing and gives you a team of Licensed Local Experts to guide you through the closing.

via knock.com


Opendoor is much similar to Offerpad, they offer to sell your home without listing, showings or months of stress, have a competitive cash offer and you get control and flexibility over your timeline.  They handle the maintenance of the home and find the next buyer. You can also browse listings on Opendoor as well!

via opendoor.com


Houzz.com is a pretty good resource for getting interior design and architecture ideas for your house flipping endeavors.  You can also shop by department for furniture, browse TV channels, and find professionals including design-build firms, general contractors, bathroom remodeling and much more!  Although you can’t buy and sell homes here, it will definitely help with your creative ideas for your next or current flip and help connect you to the right remodeling professionals and you can view their work right on the site!

via houzz.com


Thumbtack is another resource for contracting professionals for your flip.  It’s pretty straight forward for searching, plus you can view reviews, profiles, years of business, how many hires they had through Thumbtack, photos, their availability, request a quote, and what payment methods they take.  So whether you’re looking for a bathroom remodel, landscaper, etc this is a great place to look!

via thumbtack.com


If you’re going into your first house flipping project, it’s not a bad idea to treat it like a business and create a plan around it.  Fit small business is one of many that offer a house flipping business plan template that you can easily manage and work around to ensure it goes smoothly and fix any bumps along the way!

via fitsmallbusiness.com


So whether you’re a first time flipper or a veteran, the market is ever-changing with technology.  We ranked this list of recommended online platforms that could help with your projects for flipping houses.  We want to help make sure your next flip is a success!

And if you’re ever looking for a hard money loan for your next project, feel free to reach out to us at (559) 326-2509 for a quote!  You can also check out or other blog article, “Hard Money Loans 101“!

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