When flipping a house, we tend to focus on the dramatic changes we can make. However, if you want to sell quickly, make sure to pay attention to the finishing touches. The devil is in the details, and buyers want as many details as possible! With these few tips, you’ll have a well-finished home that will be easy to sell.


Organized Closets

When you’re flipping a home do you think about having closets, or having organized closets? If your answer isn’t the latter of the two choices, this tip will help you a lot. House flipping is meant to take a fixer-upper and make it ready to live in. There’s no argument that closet space is hugely important to many buyers. However, did you know that customers also want to see organized closet space? When flipping a house, add some shoe racks, shelves, drawers, etc. to closets to give potential buyers a good look at exactly how much space they have to keep things organized. This is a small detail that won’t take you much time or money, but it can make a huge impact on buyers. It’s the icing on the cake of a spacious closet and will set your flipped home apart from others. 

Outdoor Areas

Having some form of outdoor living area can drastically increase the demand for your flipped home. Of course, this is not possible with all properties, but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a good candidate for it, absolutely build an outdoor area. This could be a patio, a deck, a small grilling area, a seating area, a fire pit, or anything else you can think of. By creating an outdoor space, you give the buyers even more value for their money. Be sure that if you follow this tip you add the necessary finishing touches to get your outdoor space viewing-ready. Use cohesive colors and patterns, get good-quality furniture, and keep it clean. No room to build an outdoor haven? If you have porches, add some nice seating options, a few plants, and maybe an outdoor-safe rug. Give viewers something outside so they see the added value it offers them.

Switch Out Light Fixtures

Another tip to keep in mind when flipping a house is to switch out any outdated lighting fixture, or those that don’t match your new vision. Make sure that all of the lighting in your home is energy efficient and appropriately bright for the room it is in. Kitchen lighting can be brighter or harsher than bedroom lighting. Bathrooms should be well-lit for buyers who put on makeup, shave, or otherwise enhance their appearance. Once you have the proper bulbs, have the fixtures to match. Use some creative pendant lights, aesthetically-pleasing lamps, or modern recessed lights based on the theme or decor in each room. Have a good mix of function and fashion in your light fixtures, and make sure they are placed where it makes sense. Pro tip: dimmers are great for most rooms from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room. Not only do dimmers give homeowners more control, but they also add a sense of luxury since many homes still do not have them.

Use Some Real Plants

This tip is useful if you plan to leave the plants where they are for the new owners. You can use plants to show possibilities of how to bring some nature into the home, but having them included with the house can be a big deal for some buyers. You can add some floor plants, potted plants, a small herb garden, or a vase of flowers. It doesn’t really matter what plants you choose, simply having them can bring a flipped home to life. If you enjoy nature and believe potential buyers will too, find more permanent ways to incorporate plants into the home. Build a wall-mounted or windowsill flower box, create a planter room divider, or create an outdoor archway covered with ivy. Plants will bring life to your flipped home and will make the property feel more finished. It’s a wise idea to avoid plants that are not suitable for pets so that you don’t limit yourself to who can make an offer for your home. Lists of pet-friendly plants are available all over the internet, and you can always ask at whichever store you purchase the plants from. We hope you learned some new tips in this article. Flippers work so hard to get the job done, and we always like to see their effort pay off with a quick sale at a great price. The next time you work on a flip, don’t forget the finer details – they could make all the difference to buyers. Looking to start a new project? Call Zinc Financial for premier rehab loan services. We’ll get you the money you need to get started in a fraction of the time of traditional lenders. Give us a try and see why we are the go-to lender for house flippers. Call today at (559) 326-2509.