Cities Where House Flipping is Booming

A new video produced by Fox Business reports that while house flipping diminished significantly during the recession, house flippers are back and doing better than ever in the current economy. While housing markets are resurging and more buyers are re-entering the market, prices are still low and there are still a plethora of foreclosed and short sale homes available for house flippers to invest in. In fact, in November home sales were up 17% over the same month last year in Southern California, showing a great deal of recovery. At the same time, a quarter of those sales were short sales. This means that investors have great opportunities to purchase homes for less than they are worth, make small renovations, and re-sell for a significant ROI.

According to the video, the best cities for house flipping right now are Omaha, Nebraska; Washington DC; Oxnard, California; Lake Havasu, Arizona; and New York City. The cities all have a high number of foreclosed properties available but are also all resurging. In New York City in particular, house flippers made over $100,000 in gross profits over the last year. Likewise, in Oxnard house flippers are able to take advantage of a disproportionately high number of foreclosed homes in an area that is currently sought after by young families looking for their first home.

Investors Count on Partners They Can Trust to Make Things Happen

In order to make the most of the current house flipping opportunities in these cities and around the country, house flippers need a partner that they can trust. With the right rehab loan lender on your side, you can quickly identify investment opportunities, get the capital that you need to make the purchase, and have solid advice and guidance throughout the renovation process to help you achieve the greatest possible ROI.

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