Building the perfect flip is already hard enough without having to track the constant home trends. That is why we assembled this list of popular home trends and what to focus on when flipping your next home.

Kitchens that Open to the Outside

Open concepts are very popular, but a more recent trend is having a kitchen that faces the outdoors. This can be executed by having large sliding doors in your kitchen or a deck directly off of the kitchen. This has become more popular because it is an easy way to entertain guests. For more 2019 trends check out this blog by Builder:

Clean and Elegant Bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two places to always invest in. Recently, bathrooms have been moving up to a new level though. They are more elegant and clean with granite or marble floors featuring white and grey colors. Imagine a spa-like feel and for the walls, you can never go wrong with a subway tile.

Wood Accents

This has been a growing trend for a while now. Adding wood accents to any decor is a must. This could include hardwood floors, wood countertops or just small inlaid wood pieces in any designs. This is especially prominent in industrial designs to offset metal pieces and to add a more natural look. See more designs in this blog post titled “Why Wood Still Wows in Interior Design.”

Bold Wallpaper

This one may be surprising, but bold wallpaper is making a come back. Over the past year, bold wallpaper searches have increased by 401% on Pinterest and there has been a 50% increase in articles about the subject. The trend of bold wallpaper goes back to the retro feel coming back into action. If you’re interested in reading more about bold wallpapers and wish to see more designs, then you can read this great article by My Modern Met, “Interior Design Trends for 2019 to Upgrade Your Home Decor.”

Convertible Dwellings

All house flippers should think of convertible dwellings before building rooms. It is all about making a room that is two-in-one. Convertible dwellings are especially important in small apartments or condos. This can be done by using murphy beds, moveable walls, or multipurpose built-ins. These are just a couple of house trends that are current and fresh. If you use these in your future house flips you can make an appealing house for today’s buyers.If you are interested in seeing some inspirational flips check out this blog we wrote called “Inspirational And Motivational Before And After House Flips” and if you are looking to flip a house in the future, get in touch and let’s talk about financing. Contact us here: