4 Ways to Keep Your Fix and Flip Safe

Keeping your fix and flip property safe is a number one priority. They can be a magnet for criminals because there is not anyone at the home on a regular basis and materials/appliances are left unattended. Over the years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping your property secure and, of course, ZINC is here to help! There are a few ways to mitigate the risk of crime occurring at your flip…

  1. Talk to the neighbors- Telling the neighbors that you are there to improve the neighborhood and offering them a reward if they report any crime happening is a great way to keep your property safe. They will be the eyes and ears and can monitor any activity that goes on at your flip.
  2. Install an alarm- ZINC recommends that you have a security system installed at your flip that will notify the police of any suspicious activity. This is especially important when there are brand new appliances installed at the property. 
  3. Put a sign up- ZINC puts a sign out at all of our flips that notify people to call if they see any criminal activity and if they report it, they will receive a cash reward.  This will help ensure that everyone stays alert around the neighborhood.
  4. Add motion lights- Putting up motion-sensitive lights near the front door, windows, and backyard will help keep criminals away and will make the future homeowner grateful that they have this extra safety precaution. 

Now that you know how to keep your fix and flip safe, it is time to find your next flip and get it funded!. We can help. Click here to apply now for one of our amazing loan programs. We lend up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab!