Selling a house is always a challenging experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We have assembled these great tips towards making the house selling process that much quicker. 

  1. Prepare your Home for a Buyer

This is such an easy step but an extremely important one. Make sure to prepare your house for potential buyers. This means cleaning the house, removing clutter and photos, and also make it feel staged. Staging can be very expensive, and if that isn’t in your budget just making it look clean can go a long way.

  1.   Add Curb Appeal

Adding a few trees or repainting goes a long way when selling a house. The saying is “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” but that is exactly what potential buyers do. Their first impression of your house is the curb appeal, so why would you avoid it? If you need direction towards how to improve your curb appeal, this article by talks about “16 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

  1.   List the House on All Platforms

Listing your house on all platforms is such an important step to selling a house fast because everyone doesn’t go to just one location for buying homes. The house buying and selling market are constantly updating with brand new websites and new ways to list your house and doing this is so beneficial. We actually assembled a list of the best websites to sell a house on in this article called “7 Real Estate Platforms for House Flippers Ranked!” This article is a must-read if you are selling your house soon!

  1.   Make Your Home Have Internet Appeal

When listing your home take professional pictures and make the home look perfect online.  Your online appeal can be as important as the appeal when they attend the home. If your buyer is scrolling through homes you want to make sure your house stands out in comparison to the rest and taking professional photos can do that.

  1.   Focus on the Kitchen and Living Room

It has been determined that buyers will judge the overall size of the home by the living room. A living room feels bigger when there is a bigger rug in the room and the lighting is right. Also, put extra time into the kitchen. Families tend to spend up to 2 hours per day in the kitchen between cooking, family time and hosting parties.”. For more tips about selling a house fast, check out this article by CNBC called “Barbara Corcoran: To sell your home as fast as possible, focus on these 3 things.Selling a home no longer needs to be a long stressful experience. By following these 5 steps you could sell your home a little faster and at a high property value! If you are looking for more tips on house flipping or selling homes, our blogs have it all. You can find all our blogs here at