If you’ve worked with ZINC Financial before, you probably know all about our commitment to our clients. We strive to make every interaction a positive and helpful one, and we try to make every partnership as mutually beneficial possible. We’re as invested in your success as you are.

What you may not know is that, in addition to our client focus, we’re actively invested in creating a healthy, positive workplace for all of our employees. There’s an old adage that says, how you spend your days is how you’ve spent your life. With that in mind we try to make work-life here at ZINC engaging, inclusive, and fun.

To help us with that process, we use a platform call TINYpulse which provides a set of tools for all sorts of companies to track, get feedback on, and improve workplace culture. Other companies that use TINYpulse include IBM, Michelin, and HubSpot.

TINYpulse helps us make our company culture thrive, and it seems like we’re doing a good job, because TINYpulse recently awarded us a trophy for performing better than any other company they work with in the financial industry!

With the TINYpulse platform, everyone at ZINC gets to fill out an anonymous survey each week about our workplace culture. With the ratings we gather, we’re able to keep a pulse on how we’re doing as an office and make adjustments whenever needed.

We also use the platform’s Cheers for Peers program, which is a way for co-workers to celebrate one another’s accomplishments within the office. With that program, we’re ranked #1 in participation!

Here’s how we use Cheers for Peers: we have five 60″ televisions around the office, and whenever an employee submits good feedback about one of their co-workers, that feedback is displayed on the TVs for everyone to see. It’s always wonderful to see the appreciation that our team members have for each other. It gives us inspiration and helps everyone feel proud of the work we do.

Thank you to TINYpulse for helping us create an uplifting work environment, and for the trophy! We have it displayed prominently in our office — we’re very proud.