Every investor knows that when it comes to a fix and flip, there is plenty that can go wrong. But having the right team behind you can determine whether or not you will have a flip or flop. Having the right team can enable an investor to have a consent exit strategy and a great ROI. Finding the perfect fix and flip crew can be tricky, but we are here to help!

Here are 4 professionals that you will definitely need on your house-flipping team to execute a seamless flip:

  1. A title and escrow company- ZINC recommends working with a title and escrow company that works specifically with fix and flips so that they understand the ins and outs. 
  2. A real estate agent- The real estate agent that you choose to work with should have a goes understanding of what goes into a fix and flip. For example, they should understand all aspects of marketing, such as videos, color photos, and virtual staging.
  3. A great handyman- This does not necessarily mean a contractor. This is because contractors tend to be more expensive and are not needed for purely cosmetic flips. Finding a handyman that is willing to sometimes work extra hours and that understands a quick exit strategy is vital to your flip. 
  4. Fix and Flip Vendors- Having a few specific vendors on your team will help maintain a quick and seamless flip and will provide the expertise that you may not have. For example, ZINC uses 4 specific vendors: A HVAC contractor, a home inspector, a roofing company, and a pest control company. Government financing agencies have certain restrictions on collateral and need to have specific assurances from your vendors.

Now that you have your team put together, all you need is a great lender! Zinc lends up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab. Ready to apply now? Click here!