When it Comes to These Fix & Flip Fixes, Do Not DIY

For a lot of fix & flip professionals, the fun part of the job is the renovations. The chance to take a rundown house and make it into an inviting home can be a wonderful test of creativity, determination, and discipline. But no matter how gung-ho you are about making renovations yourself, there are certain household projects that you simply should not attempt on your own (unless you happen to be an expert).  These kinds of projects may seem simple enough, but the consequences of messing them up can be extremely costly. Here are just a few projects that you should consider bringing in professional help on rather than going it alone:

1. Tree removal

You like to garden at your own house, and you have a pretty green thumb. But that doesn’t mean that you have the tools, the strength, or the structural knowledge to remove large trees from properties. If you have an undesirable tree near a house, its root system could compromise the foundation if removed. You also risk accidentally knocking the tree down in the wrong direction, which could cause all sorts of damage to whatever is in the tree’s path. It’s simply not worth the risk of going it alone.

2. Paving the driveway

Getting rid of driveway cracks and crevices is a great way to give an older home a facelift without spending a lot of money. This is another case where you might think you can handle the work on your own, and perhaps you can, but you’ll most likely be much happier with the final product and may even pay less to have a contractor do the work for you.

3. Knocking down walls

Knocking down walls is admittedly quite fun, and if you have a strong knowledge of engineering or home construction, then go right ahead. But if architecture isn’t one of your strong suits, knocking down the wrong wall could mean accidentally demolishing electrical wiring, piping, or even a major support for the entire house. This is definitely one of those projects were safe is better than sorry.

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