Trust deed investing is a way to invest in loans that are backed by real estate.

Professional real estate investors often look to funding sources outside of the bank system so that they can get loans to finance house flips. Banks are often unable to provide loans quickly enough to keep up with the fast-moving fix-and-flip market, and banks can also be excessively wary about offering loans on houses that are in need of significant remodeling. Banks simply aren’t set up for this kind of investing.

That’s where private money comes in. Private money lenders like ZINC Financial offer funding to professional real estate investors on a short-term basis at a rate that is higher than a typical bank loan. Investing in trust deeds means that you would act like the bank for real estate investors – you would offer the private money that they need.

Trust deed investments offered by ZINC Financial typically see annual returns between 11% and 14% with a 99.3% on-time performance metric. This type of investing is so consistent that ZINC Financial actively invests in trust deeds with its own capital. But we have so many active real estate investment clients that we also partner with private investors like yourself on trust deed investment opportunities.

Trust deed investing is one of the most secure ways to invest, because the returns are stable and every loan is backed by real estate.

ZINC is not a broker. We have skin in every deal, and so do the real estate investors who turn to us for capital. We require that every real estate investor who borrows from us put up a significant portion of the initial purchase price themselves. This helps ensure that all parties have a strong stake in the outcome of the investment, creating a responsible and mutually-beneficial investing relationship.

Real estate investors make excellent profits in the current market place, often seeing ROIs in excess of 30% in less than a year’s time. If you want to be part of this wealth-building cycle but don’t have the time or energy to flip real estate yourself, investing in trust deeds can be a lucrative and satisfying way to enjoy excellent returns while maintaining control of your investment, and all with minimal effort.

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