When you invest in a fixer-upper, most of your time & money is spent on turning the property into a liveable space. You start by repairing major issues and then make any additional necessary updates. Function is key, however physical appearance is also significant – both in attracting potential buyers and being able to maximize your project’s selling price. After all, people are always willing to pay more for a beautiful home! Ready to make potential buyers fall in love before they even enter the home? Check out these simple tips for adding curb appeal to your fixer-upper.


1.  Even the most basic landscaping can make a major difference.

Start by mowing the lawn. Then cut back any overgrown trees or shrubbery. As a final touch, add greenery around the entryway. Whether it’s just some simple succulents or a combo of florals, this will add a lot of charm to your home’s curb appeal.


2. Use a high quality real estate sign.

This sounds simple, however it’s really important to maintaining your curb appeal. Even the most beautifully remodeled fixer-upper can be ruined by a cheap looking sign on the front lawn, so be sure to put the effort into getting a sign that will add to rather than take away from your home’s curb appeal.

3. Add some color.

Whether you choose to do so with bright flowers in the front yard, a fresh coat of paint on the house, or colorful accents on the home’s trim, window frames, or shutters, a pop of color can really make your fixer-upper stand out. Utilizing contrasting colors, i.e. bright red flowers set against a white house, can add a great deal to a home’s curb appeal.


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