Research Investment Opportunities with Our Rehab Loan Calculators

“Property is always a good investment.” Many new investors believe this to be true, and while property can be an extremely lucrative investment, you’ll need to do your research in order to find opportunities that have the best chance of turning a significant profit.

When looking for a house to flip, there are a large number of factors that you’ll need to take into consideration in order to get a good idea of whether or not you’ll be able to make a sizeable profit on your investment. As is the case with most investments, there are no guarantees that your house flipping project will result in ROI, but a solid understanding of the numbers you’re dealing with can drastically improve your chances of financial success. Factors that you’ll want to take into consideration include:

  • Value of the home you want to buy over the last several years
  • Renovation costs
  • Expected ROI of renovations
  • Average home prices in the surrounding neighborhood
  • Applicable property taxes
  • Prices that similar homes have sold for in the same area over the last year
  • How many homes have sold in the area over the last year
  • Rehab loan rates
  • And much more

The better sense of the numbers you can get, the better chance you’ll have at investing wisely. So how do you go about figuring all of this information out?

Working with Experienced Rehab Loan Lenders

Zinc Financial offers a number of free calculators to help you complete your research. These financial calculators are designed to help you choose the best loan for your needs, determine your closing costs, estimate the future value of your investment property, and more. The information you’ll gain from these calculators will help you make wise decisions and give you the know-how to secure investor rehab loans as you move forward with your project. Get started now by using these helpful calculators and if you need additional assistance, the Zinc Financial team is ready to assist you at any time.

Beyond calculators and expert advice, Zinc Financial offers rehab loans at reasonable rates with approval in just seven to ten business days. At Zinc Financial, we want to invest in your success, which is why we offer so many free online tools and resources. We enjoy building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and helping them grow their wealth with our great portfolio of private money loans.