Rehab Loan FAQs for New Investors

You’ve decided that house flipping is going to be your next big investment. The question you’re probably asking yourself now is what next? Zinc Financial enjoys working with clients who are new to house flipping as well as seasoned veterans. Here are a few questions that new investors ask most frequently along with answers from our rehab loan experts.

What’s the best approach for house flipping?

There are a number of different ways to approach house flipping. You might focus on foreclosures that don’t require much repair and can be turned around very quickly. Conversely, the draw to house flipping for you might be the actual renovation work, in which case you would look for dilapidated homes that you can return to their former glory. Or perhaps house flipping is a numbers game for you — you’re looking for multiple investment opportunities that you can have your teams work on simultaneously. Each of these approaches can be very lucrative. However you want to approach house flipping, Zinc Financial can help.

How exactly do I get started?

Perhaps the best way to get started once you have a general sense of your investment goals is to contact us directly. We can give you tips on the best housing markets to research, the information you’ll need to gather, and what we’re looking for in the applications we receive. If you’re ready to speak with a professional from our team, call (888) 552-6637 today.

Do I need to have money in to receive a loan?

Yes. Zinc Financial doesn’t offer no-down-payment rehab loans. When both parties have money invested, it creates a more respectful, responsible working relationship which allows us to offer better rates and faster service.

My application was submitted. How long will it be before I hear back?

We usually provide preliminary approval within 24 hours. If your rehab loan application is approved, we can get you your money within seven to ten business days. In the meantime, we’ll provide you with a letter of intent to help get the ball rolling on your housing purchase.

What separates Zinc financial from other rehab loan lenders?

Zinc Financial is a direct rehab loan lender, which means we can make decisions faster and provide greater flexibility to our clients. Over the last several years we’ve had an average annual ROI of over 30%. Our clients consistently come back to us because we provide reliable rehab loans at great rates.