When talking about house flipping, most people picture an old, run-down house being restored and upgraded into a gorgeous new property. You can also take a look outside of the box and find plenty of “flips” that you need to see to believe. We say “flips” because they do create awesome new housing, but they don’t necessarily start off life that way. Let’s take a look at some very unconventional flips that turned out absolutely incredible!

Shipping Container Homes

The first type of creative flip we want to discuss is shipping container homes. What’s a shipping container you may ask? Typically, they’re very large steel containers that are used to store and ship extremely heavy loads of cargo. More recently, they’ve taken on a new role as potential housing. Some flippers use single shipping containers to create tiny homes, while others stack multiple containers together to create a home with larger square footage. It’s estimated that constructing a shipping container home can cost less than half of the price of a traditional home. Some of these flipped shipping container houses truly use only shipping containers to create rooms, walls, floors, etc., but a growing trend sees shipping containers being incorporated into a more traditional build. It doesn’t matter how you choose to complete your flip, people are going to be super impressed. Using shipping containers as housing is such a revolutionary and financially responsible idea. Since they cost so little to make, flippers are making a larger profit even if they don’t charge as much as they would for a traditional home. Take a look at some gorgeous shipping container homes here: https://bsyl.ink/ShippingContainerHomes

School Bus Flips

Next on the list of creative flips are school bus houses! Have you seen these before? They’re incredible. Flippers purchase an old school bus and convert it into a fully-functioning home. This type of unique house flip is growing rapidly in popularity. The flipper responsible for these transformations can put all the amenities of home into an old school bus for a fraction of the price of a traditional home. Most of these school bus houses have everything you need including a full kitchen and a working bathroom. If you don’t need a lot of space, why not live in a school bus? It’s a great way to recycle (and upcycle!) an old bus that no longer works, and it creates a super unique home. Some flippers have kept the busses in working order to create a full home on wheels! Flippers get extremely creative when converting school busses into homes. Some add sliding walls, others extend the height of the ceiling, and others incorporate fireplaces or wood-burning stoves! The options are pretty endless so long as you get creative and aren’t afraid to try things out. With just a few thousand dollars, a school bus can become your next tiny home!

Cargo Camper Van

Lastly, let’s take a look at upgraded cargo vans! These are an even more compact flip compared to the others we’ve discussed. Why purchase a stationary home when you can live on the road?! We’re amazed at how much space some of these flips seem to have. Many flippers add roof caps so that you can stand up straight without banging your head. While these cargo camper vans are excellent, it’s important to realize how little space you have to work with. Some flippers have managed to get everything from a queen size bed to kitchen essentials to a bathroom in their converted vans, but there’s certainly not too much room to spare. If you’re riding solo, a cargo camper van could be perfect for you! Buyers will be willing to spend more than what flippers have to pay for sure. The finished results are truly spectacular and anyone would be lucky to live in a converted van. 
Buyers love all things creative, kooky, and out of the ordinary. Try your hand at some unusual flips and see the reactions of potential buyers. These types of flips are unique and therefore highly-marketable. Are you ready to get flipping? Contact Zinc Financial! We offer fix and flip loans to flippers just like you. We’ll get you the funds you need to start your next project in no time so that you can start working! Visit https://bsyl.ink/Zinc-Borrowers to learn more and apply for a loan!