House Flipping Tips Investors Should Follow in 2013

The Southern California housing market is currently a unique landscape of numerous foreclosed and rundown homes that are being snatched up quickly by property investors and young families looking for affordable choices. The current dearth of homes on the market in California is increasing competition substantially. While this makes it more difficult upfront to purchase an investment property, it is exceptional news on the backend, as investors face minimal risk of not being able to resell their properties for a substantial ROI.

Investors Must Be Prepared to Act Fast

In 2013, investors will need to be prepared to act as quickly as possible in order to purchase the best possible investment properties. Investors who are on top of their game sometimes make offers on homes that have been listed for a matter of hours or even minutes. In order to stay competitive, investors will need to have a firm plan in place for the types of properties they’re interested in as well as ideal locations, values, and rehab needs. ZINC Financial can help investors of all types with this by providing expedited private money loans. With ZINC Financial backing you, you’ll be able to move forward with deals more quickly and more confidently, giving yourself a significant leg up in this ultracompetitive home-buying environment.

As your private money lender, ZINC Financial can also provide expert guidance as to which types of properties will be in demand in 2013. According to La Jolla Light, a recent report of consumer trends in California shows that more and more homebuyers are looking for smaller, more energy-efficient, affordable homes. Baby boomers looking to downsize as well as first-time homeowners on budget are trying to find places that are both affordable and close in proximity to their workplaces and favorite entertainment locations. The large tract home in a suburban neighborhood is losing its appeal in Southern California, and multigenerational families are starting to look for flexible living spaces that include separate quarters or detached units for adult children or grandparents.

2013 is certainly a unique year for property investors, and ZINC Financial can help you navigate all of the changes. Contact us today by calling (559) 326-2509 to learn more about 2013 housing trends or to discuss our exciting loan programs.