Get Better Leverage in the House Flipping Market with Joint Ventures

Last month, ZINC Financial launched our new real estate joint ventures program. This program opens up new opportunities for experienced investors who need a leg up in the current marketplace. The team here at ZINC is excited to step beyond our typical house flipping loans and truly partner with the house flipping clients that we’ve come to respect and admire over the years.

Our new Joint Venture Program is simple. Qualified borrowers can take out a loan for the full cost of purchasing and rehabbing an investment property, up to $500,000. ZINC will advance 100% of the funds in exchange for a split of the backend profits once the flip is complete.

One Less Thing to Worry About

As an experienced house flipper, you already know how to pick the right investment properties. You have a great team of contractors, real estate lawyers, designers, and architects at your disposal. The only thing that stands between you and greater success in the fix and flip market is access to capital. With our new program, you’ll be able to blow past traditional house flipping loans and instead become a partner in a joint venture for real estate.

This is a huge opportunity for investors who are looking to better leverage their capital. With one or more of your flipping projects fully funded by the team here at ZINC Financial, you can put your own capital towards other projects. Having this kind of access to cash will make it much easier to stand above the crowd in bidding wars and help you streamline your entire house flipping process.

The Joint Venture Program is currently open to house flippers who have successfully flipped at least two properties in the last 12 months. ZINC will provide funding of up to $500,000 to cover the purchase of an investment property and the hard costs of flipping that property. Before a joint venture is entered into, ZINC and the house flipper will agree to an equitable split of backend profits.

Learn more about our Joint Venture Program, or discover the benefits of our current residential rehab loans by calling our office today (559) 326-2509. ZINC now offers private loans in Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.