Federal Reserve Purchase May Boost Housing Market

The Federal Reserve has announced that it will immediately start buying up billions of dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities. These securities are essentially bonds that are composed of home loans which are packaged and sold to investors. The Fed hopes that by buying up these securities, mortgage rates will drop and a new surge of refinancing activity and home sales will begin. The ultimate goal of this aggressive new move is to spur job growth, though a side effect will almost certainly be greater opportunities for house flippers and real estate investors.

Mortgage rates are already at historic lows, and this move by the Federal Reserve will likely drop rates even lower. As a result, people who own homes will be able to refinance and more people will be able to buy new homes. This potential surge in the housing market will open up a variety of opportunities for house flippers who are looking for new properties to invest in. The potential for buying multiple properties, fixing them up and selling them at a quick profit should be significantly increased because the demand for housing will likely go up.

So what can an investor do to prepare for this budding opportunity?

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