Explore the Benefits of Real Estate Joint Ventures

Success as a house flipper isn’t easily come by. It takes a dedicated approach to studying the markets, staying on top of the latest listings, and cultivating a team of experts who you can trust to help you turn a shabby old house into a desirable home.

And then there’s the money. Once you’ve master the skills required to succeed as a rehabber, the biggest obstacle in your path becomes access to enough capital at a reasonable rate. Sure, you can invest your own funds, but that puts you at greater risk and prevents you from leveraging your capital in other ways.

That’s why ZINC Financial has created the Joint Venture Program. Beyond our numerous house flipping loans, we’re now entering into real estate joint ventures with our most successful house flipping clients.

By entering into a joint venture for real estate, experienced rehabbers can hold onto all of their own capital and instead use ZINC capital for the hard costs of flipping a house. Under the new program, ZINC will provide experienced rehabbers with up to $500,000 to buy a property and cover all of the hard rehabbing costs. When the flip is complete, the rehabber will then split the back end profits with ZINC.

Such a joint venture has numerous benefits over standard residential rehab loans:

  • You get to hold onto your capital, letting you invest in more properties at once or venture into other types of investments.
  • You lower your financial risk.
  • You gain a stronger buying position when purchasing investment properties.
  • You have all the cash flow you need to complete flips as quickly as possible.

The ZINC Joint Venture Program is currently open to house flippers who have successfully flipped at least two properties within the last twelve months. You do not need to be a current or past client of ZINC Financial. We’re simply looking to partner with savvy house flippers who are eager to build upon their successes.

Learn more about the program terms by giving our office a call at (559) 326-2509. Joint Ventures can be undertaken in any of the states where we offer rehab loans, which now include Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.