Can You Get a Rehab Loan with Bad Credit?

Many potential investors who would like to try their hand at house flipping feel discouraged about their chances because they have less than perfect credit. If your credit report has one or two blemishes on it, you should still consider applying for a private money loan at Zinc Financial. While traditional lenders may turn you away if your credit isn’t exceptional, the private money lenders at Zinc Financial have more flexibility with who we are able to lend to.

This is because Zinc Financial is a private money lender. We aren’t middlemen helping you find a loan somewhere else. If we approve you for a rehab loan, we will underwrite the loan ourselves and provide finance from our own capital. This level of control allows us to make decisions quickly and to be more flexible than standard lenders when it comes to who we choose to work with.

If your credit is in disarray, you’ll have trouble finding a loan anywhere. However, if you’ve made one or two mistakes in the past or have come across some bad luck, that isn’t enough to keep the lenders at Zinc Financial from working with you. We are always looking for new clients with whom we can partner on housing investments. However, it is important to note that we are not a subprime lender. This means that investors with terrible credit should not apply as we cannot approve their loans.

Whether you have years of experience flipping houses or are completely new to the game, the experts at Zinc Financial can work with you to help you find investment opportunities that suit your budget and your investing goals. Unlike other lenders, the team at Zinc Financial is committed to forming mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We work with people that we believe in, and our instincts are almost always right.

If you choose to partner with Zinc Financial, our team can help you leverage the capital that you have and be much more successful in your investments than you would be on your own. To learn more about our rehab loan options, give us a call today at (559) 326-2509. You may just be surprised by the opportunities that lie ahead.