In cities like San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond, superficial upgrades that take a matter of weeks or even days to complete can lead to impressive ROIs. In particularly hot housing markets, sometimes all it takes to turn a quick and substantial profit is the ability to beat out other investors clamoring for the same investment property.

But coming out on top in a bidding war with other investors isn’t exactly easy. That’s why we’re here to help. Financing your flip with ZINC Financial can give you the power to make a strong cash offer and get the deal done before the competition.

With that in mind, the team here at ZINC Financial is excited to announce a brand-new loan program specifically for California investors who are working on fast flips. With these loans, fast-moving investors can boost their profits by minimizing their loan costs.

The GT Fix & Flip

Our new GT fix and flip loans offer exceptional terms for investors who are looking to turn over properties in as little time as possible. With these new house flipping loans, California investors can get loans up to $2,000,000 at a rate as low as 6.99% for the first two months. (Less experienced flippers can qualify for an initial rate of 7.99% for the first two months.) As an additional benefit, ZINC will provide financing for these loans within one week.

Here are the main features of the new GT Fix & Flip rehab loans:

  • Loan Amount: $50,000 – $2,000,000
  • Term: 9 months with up to one 3-month extension
  • Rate for Experienced Investors: 6.99% for 2 months, 11.99% for 7 months
  • Rate for Newer Investors: 7.99% for 2 months, 11.99% for 7 months
  • Loan-to-Value: Up to 85% of the purchase price.
  • Rehab Cost Financing: Up to 100%

The GT Fix & Flip loan program is only available for investors in the state of California. To learn more about this new program, give our office a call today at (559) 326-2509. You can also reach us by emailing

We are always looking for better ways to serve our loyal clients, and we think we’ve accomplished that with this new program. To learn more about all of our loan programs designed for a wide array of investors, visit  our Flippers/Borrowers page.