A Special Promotion from ZINC

Winter is the best season for purchasing rehab properties. Prices are low, demand is down, and buying in the winter gives you enough time to rehab a house before the peak buying season of summer.

But we realize that winter is also the hardest season to get motivated in. Whether you’re buried in feet of snow, fighting downpours of rain, or simply having trouble kicking procrastination to the curb, we want to give you that extra boost of motivation that you might need to move your house flipping projects forward this month.

ZINC is currently offering a five day, four night cruise to everyone who takes out house flipping loans in excess of $250,000 this month.

This cruise will take you away from all your troubles and give you several wonderful days to celebrate the successes of your house flipping projects. All you have to do is qualify for a loan of $250,000 or more by the end of February, 2016, and we will hand over a voucher for this all-inclusive cruise, valued at $1,798.

Additional perks aside, ZINC Financial offers some of the best terms in the private lending market. We provide our clients with a high level of attention and resources. That’s because, when you do well, we do well. We aren’t interested in one-off deals that leave our clients high and dry. Instead, we’re always looking to make our residential rehab loans as fair and mutually beneficial as possible so that we can cultivate lasting relationships with talented investors.

And remember, we’ve recently expanded our loan territories. States that we now offer house flipping loans in include Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

As our business expands, our dedication to your success remain constant. We still provide letters of preapproval to qualified clients, and we can fund your loan in as little as seven to ten business days. Call (559) 326-2509 today to learn more about our current rehab loan terms or to learn more about our special cruise promotion. We hope it helps you find that extra bit of motivation to start 2016 on an excellent foot.