4 Areas of a Property that Will Cost You to Repair

Currently, house flippers throughout California are racing to snatch up hot investment opportunities before their competitors. An unheard of combination of low inventories, rising prices, and eager buyers are causing the housing market to turn around at a rapid rate across Southern California, creating numerous opportunities for savvy investors, but also lots of chances for mistakes.

In this increasingly complicated market, investors who will have the most success will be the ones who understand the importance of the following three factors:

1. Research. Above all else, research is key to the success or failure of house flippers. Investors who fail to do an appropriate amount of research are struggling to secure properties before their competitors and are missing out on opportunities with the highest potential ROI. In this market where homes are selling within a matter of hours, it is essential that house flippers perform in-depth analysis in advance to know exactly what types of properties, in what areas, and at what prices they are most interested in buying. Having this knowledge readily at hand allows savvy investors to make bids on properties – sometimes more than one at a time – as soon as they go on the market.

2. Fast funding. Another thing that house slippers simply cannot do without is reliable and speedy funding. Unlike other private money lenders, ZINC Financial is able to provide investors with cash in hand in as little as 7 to 10 business days. With approval in a matter of 24 hours and funds following shortly thereafter, ZINC Financial enables our clients to get a leg up in this contentious market and make more powerful bids.

3. A trustworthy partner. In addition to funding speed, we are also proud of our reputation within the industry and our ability to back our clients with strong support and guidance. When you look for a residential rehab loan, be sure to look for a company that will have your back; a company that has the experience necessary to provide you with sound advice throughout your investment process. At ZINC Financial, we are invested in your success and want to see you come back as a repeat client for years to come.

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