3 Improvements that Increase Curb Appeal


Have you ever walked past a home and imagined what it would be like to live there? Chances are, that home had great curb appeal. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves and their family in a home with green grass, beautiful flowers, and perfect paint. Most people do not look at a home with chipping paint and a patchy lawn and dream of themselves waking up in that home. This is exactly why curb appeal is so important! Investors should always consider what the first impression of their property will be and what important factors will draw buyers in. But, how can you achieve great curb appeal without breaking the bank? ZINC has you covered!

Here are 3 changes investors can make to increase curb appeal without increasing their budget:


  1. Mailbox Makeover- Make the mailbox pop! Deep clean the mailbox if you are not planning on replacing it and repaint it to match the home. No one wants to see an old chipping mailbox out front, put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes
  2. Ditch the dead plants- Remove all dead, overgrown shrubbery/plants and replace them with one-gallon container plants. ZINC also recommends that investors trim all trees on their property and make the landscape look as pristine as possible. 
  3. Power of Paint- Power Wash and Repaint the garage door and the exterior of the home! This has the ability to make a home look brand new and sets it apart from other homes in the neighborhood.


An investment property needs to have that “WOW ” factor that will draw buyers in. Curb appeal is what gets people past the front door to see the rest of the improvements that an investor makes to a property. Therefore, this is the single most important factor when it comes to flipping a home and should be a borrower’s number one priority. Curb appeal not only gives buyers the ability to picture themselves in the home but also greatly adds to the value of the home. When it comes to your next flip, consider what impression you want buyers to get when they drive past your property.





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